Mental Health Foundation

School Mental Health Project !

The holistic development of an individual requires an early intervention plan that targets all the aspects of the person’s wellbeing. In sync with this thought, Mental Health Foundation, India with support from SBI Cards Pvt. Ltd. has initiated a school-based project.

AIM of This Project !

The aim of this project is to develop a holistic program for the students of ages 10 to 13 years (from classes 6th to 8th) by focusing on the bio-psycho-socio-cultural- spiritual aspects of the wellbeing while also knitting them together to build resilience.

Henceforth the program will lead to the development of better coping strategies and stress management skills in the students. It will also help in increasing self-awareness and self-confidence resulting in improved interpersonal relationships and increased ability to deal with challenges.

It may further help in minimizing non communicable disease in the future. For facilitating the same, a total of 20 schools in Delhi and NCR have been selected and we are providing workshops for the students, parents and the counsellors in every school.

Supported by SBI Card under CSR scheme