Mental Health Foundation

Program Goals and Objectives !

The Aim of the program is to focus on changing mental health scenario and practice of mental health professionals in India.

The program will further build strong foundation for diagnosis and management of diverse mental health conditions and strategies among psychiatrists in the community. This medical education program will help mental health professionals including psychiatrists in better understanding the need for management of mental health in the current pandemic situation and take care of their own heath also along with their family members.

The pandemic has had a major effect on the lives and many of us are facing challenges that appears to be stressful, overwhelming, and can cause emotional issues in adults and children also. This program will help alleviate the same through strong medical updates to HCP’ particularly mental health professionals in topics relevant to today’s scenario.

Scope of Work !

Support and facilitate the Mental Health Medical Education Webinar series for mental health professionals particularly psychiatrist.

The total duration of each program will be one hour each which and scheduled to continue till the January 2022.

The program will be an online webinar for resident doctors of psychiatry in India (both M.D, DNB and senior resident of Psychiatry in particular and all interested psychiatrist in general.

Make plan to achieve targeted number of participants to be minimum of 300 Psychiatrists.

The webinar will be hosted live by the association followed by archival of the same on the platform to be viewed later by others who could not attend the live webinar.

Develop assessment process for assessment of participants after completion of the webinar. The participating doctor would take the online assessment, post webinar and they would get “Certificate of Participation” from MHFI (which can be downloaded online).

The total number of meeting will be 6 meeting over a period of 5-6 months across India.

Development of Post Webinar MCQ for assessment will be done by MHFI.